About Origuy

Welcome to Origuy world!! We are a creative team which design handcraft creations with a special paper folding technique and the use of colour spray.

Why Origami?

There is no better way to transform a flat paper to three dimensional other than Origami. This old japanese technique is used by million of people wordwide to create amazing and stunning structures with just a simple thing…paper!

Triangle origami is not just our technique its our Symbol! The sharp edges and the geometrical form has the ability to be place in multiple surfaces and in different directions! Once all combine together they create something extraordinary!

Why Recycle Paper?

Using recycle paper as a material aims not only the ecological impact to our society but a new interactive approach of design. Following this, you can select a fully ecological handcraft with the original design of the paper.

What can you expect from us?

You can be sure that you can find a unique piece to decorate your favorite spot at your home! You can expect amazing colours combinations with different kind of materials on canvas, photo frames, mirrors and even more! We love creative people so if you have a special order just let a simple note to us! Exceptional gifts for your beloved ones!

Stay Updated!

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